Saturday, January 21, 2012

How bad do you want it?

Once there was a woman who wanted to be successful.
So she went to this guru right?
and she tells the guru, "look your really accomplished, I want to be on your level right."
Then she asks, "So whats your secret, what do I have to do to be on your level?"
He laughs at her and tells her, "If you want to be as successful me, meat me at the beach tomorrow morning."
So she get's up early the next morning, and goes to the beach...
Wearing a dress, she shoulda worn a swim suit.
The guru say's, "walk out in the water."
She's up to here knee's now.
He tells her to go out a little further.
She's thinking, this guy is crazy.
Up to her shoulders now.
He say's go a little further.
She walks out a bit further, it's up to her mouth now.
She's thinking I didn't come here to go swimming, I want to make money this guys got me wading in the ocean.
And she's like, "fuck this, I give up."
He's standing next to her and he stops her and asks...
"Wait a minute, I thought you wanted to be successful?"
She's like, "yeah."
So he takes her, shoves her head under water, she doesn't scratch him, doesn't hit him. He let's her up right before she's about to pass out.
And she's like, "What the fucks you problem man?"
So he explains...
Your never gonna be successful until you want it as bad as you want to breath.
You every had an asthma attack?
You don't care about nothing except getting that fresh air in your lungs.
Thats how bad you gotta want it.

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